New Construction & Design

At Sky Blue Pools, we approach each new project with years of experience and a desire to educate you on the process to have a functional back yard. We are dedicated to the value of a service experience beyond today’s standard.

Remodel & Renovation

If you currently have an in-ground swimming pool or spa and would like to update the design and functionality of your back yard environment, Sky Blue Pools offer several ideas to help you achieve your dreams.

Repair & Installation

We can handle an array of issues for a variety of pool equipment and repairs. We promise to always save you time and money, by providing the highest level of service and the best products. Your peace of mind and satisfaction is always our goal.

Service & Maintenance

In order to successful maintain a sparkling, safe pool, there are a few things that need to be done at least weekly. Without this upkeep, it’s hard to identify additional problems, such as a broken filter or pump, or if the water pH level is comfortable.

Clients & Testimonials